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Thursday, July 4, 2013

East Vs West Tour Day 2 Thunder Bay

I actually played my guitar today.
But first the beginning.
I woke up saw it was dark and thought, ah hell, it's cloudy. Looked at the clock. It was 4:30am.
Those clouds were actually night.
I managed to get back to sleep but only until 5:30, and that was it.
So I hit the road fairly early. by 6am.

about 7 hours of unhindered drive time.
Here 's the driving action taking place.
If you drive with a smile the time it takes you to get from point A to point B is the same as if you were not smiling.

Pretty exciting stuff.

I was in Thunder Bay and as always it hit TACO TIME. (this time no celebratory photo was taken.)
arrived at my mothers house, where she had a list of things for me to do. Trim the tree move this downstairs, put this on the thing...
Followed by you're only here one day? but I had other things...
Went for a jog then tried to go to work (work meaning play music)
Headed down to the waterfront where people were walking hither and tither. set up my busking gear (guitar and guitar case) and played some tunes.
I chose a spot away from the people due to the loud fountains and construction work.
I thought that being near the monuments was a good place, but people. 4 songs deep no one would come near me. They would take the path around as to not have to feel the guilt of not throwing my some change.
I found a different spot over looking the Sleeping Giant and earned..... $2!
After I packed my gear in the car I came back to take this photo. 20 people were walking by....

So today was a flub, thank God I only spent $100 on gas in the last 2 days :/

After my musical defeat I  headed to Granny's house. we had a walk.
I think she's giving my camera attitude.

Then followed it up with a scotch. 

And yes a digestive biscuit.

This book was my grandfathers shelf. I found the cover amusing.

Every time I come back to my home town I forget alcohol is cheaper. $5.50 pints.
I gave it the old college try to find some drinking friends venturing to 4 venues but alas I was always sitting alone. 
Just as well, I don't know why I was wanting to go on a tear since my tour profit is only $2.00.

Alright. that ends #2 I'm going to go read Questlove's autobiography Mo' Meta Blues.

Also if you follow my tweet you now realized I lied. 

Tomorrow Wabigoon! For the 1st Actually gig!

-Percival "Neil" The Crowe 

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