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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Take a step back...

Well what a weird day.
We've been go go go since we left Barrie and here we are in Summerland, PE and I've finished all my comic work no gigs just chillin' at an RV park.
And I'm bored.
I miss having things to be done.
I want information to be coming in and tasks to be done.
Nothing to do, so I drank in fact I'm drinking right now.
But am I pantless?
I'll leave it up to your wondering.

I get up packed up some comics that sold went for a run and a swim. Then I napped.
Got up and just wanted to nap.
Gina thinks there is a secret society here because no one was drinking.
The odd wine glass (prolly filled with ginger ale or secret society elixer) and then come sun down everyone was inside their trailers.
During the day it was kinda like a ghost town.
I even heard our neighbours talking just as they were leaving for the day.
The dad said, "Come on we're going.
His son asks, "Where?"
His reply was "We've got places to go."
So, Maybe.
If we don't make it out of Summerland we've either joined the cult or have been sacrificed or eaten.
Let's go backwards shall we.

We stopped in to Montreal for 2 nights.
No gigs just a stop for the Montreal Comic Con and and to visit with a good friend, Pascal.
I must say downtown Montreal is no place for a 27ft RV. it as so hard to maneuver.
My hatred was mostly when we would get onto a busy major highway then immediately have to get to the other side to exit on the left.
You just signal and go.
Let everyone else adjust.
I actually started to like doing it.
"Get the Fuck out of my way I'm bigger'n you!"

Now where does one park a 27ft Rv downtown?
That was our question.
We drove around for a while and most lots couldn't fit us in.
There was one directly across from the Convention centre.
"How much?" Gina Asks
He laughs and says "$100."
That there seems a touch pricey.
I asked him "really $100?"
"For you my friend, $80."
That thar is some bargaining.

We comic con'd it up.
Signatures Comic Buying.
I think Gina Saw The DeLorean
Then off to Pascal's for dinner.
We had Lobster. Trail was ready.
I got a bit drunk.
The early morning agreed.
Maybe Pascal too.
If you ever get to hang with Pascal head to a Karaoke Bar. 
You'll have a killer time. 

We'll be heading back to try out what some have said is the best Indian food in Montreal.
We're both pretty pumped for that.

Having an all right sleep on the side of the Montreal street and an actual shower in the morning. (Little did we know how infrequent they would be. We are some dirty, smelly mo'fo's)
We had an amazing breakfast at a place I don't remember the name of.
So It's really not important I tell you that.
But I did.
Let's let it be.

We left the city the next day and Gina takes her first time behind the wheel.
It was like watching someone go through all the stages of grief in a a matter of 2 minutes.
She was excited scared sad calm and then happy.
I think I just sat in silence until it was over and then asked are you ok now?
This is her end result behind the wheel of the beast.
She was ok now.
Next up, the east.


A Public Diary Journal Thing (Not a Blog) Bonus Story!

Just as I finished writing this a little ginger lad came to the door.
Wearing a bike helmet.
Trail barking in his face, he asked "Do you want to buy some chocolate bars?"
My response, "You want to give me your chocolate bars?"
He did not.
I asked what kind he said "A Hersey and a white one."
Hmm, I thought this doesn't sound legit.
"What are you selling them for?"
"Just money."
"Not for A charity you're just selling chocolate?"
"No thanks."
Those willy Gingers, always trying to sell me there stolen chocolate.
I actually wouldn't mind a Hersery bar.
Come back youthful Ginger!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Did you read the last post and get one of those annoyed Billy Idol lip curls and think. Neil, You're stupid.
I hope so.
That there was some refined humour.
Here's an actual post.
I'm going to kind of jump around out of chronological context and just write about Newfoundland right now. Since we just played our last show here in Placentia at The Three Sisters Pub. Tiny little town maybe 3000 population with the surrounding communities.
The old Crowe luck was in full force There happened to be a reunion where the whole town basically heads to another island for the whole weekend.
I like to think that the town of Placentia decided to play a practical joke and hide on me.
Very funny Placentia, you win this round.
Like Placentia, the whales were also part of the practical joke. 
No sea living mammals crossed our path.
Venues Played 
Flynn's Pub - Corner Brook
My favourite part was while I was playing there was a fellow trying to get in the door but the bouncer and manager kept saying no.
The fellow slams has hands on the door and the manager yells back "And that's why we won't let you in!" Great times.
Citadel House - Lewisporte
Three Sisters Pub- Placentia

Gina brought her gun she thought she was hunting whales.

Getting on the boat.

Camped out around Corner Brook at the Base of Marble Mountain. They've got some zip line. 
and a cool little Waterfall area. 

Gyna's extreme goat.

Apparently we had cod tongues at Corner Brook's worst restaurant, Rustica.

THis fellow is like a very sad version of the old man from Up.

We had 2 days off in St. John's and the weather was crumb bum city. 
Cold and wet. 
It has been since we got on the island. 
Now that we're getting off  it's sunny and warm as fuck.
Headed over to the Quidi Vidi Brewery to sample some brew turns out they only do private tours and no samples. 
We basically drive out to see a quaint liquor store. 

Bought some beer and drank them by the water in the misty little town. 
Head back to the city and no one wanted to serve us food. 
Well that's a bit of a lie. All the restaurants we wanted to eat in were booked up. 
But they were empty because people had not arrived yet.
It's a weird thing to walk into an empty restaurant and have them say "Sorry we can't get you in."
"What about the 16 empty tables?"

Ended up in Yellow Belly Brew Pub. The 2nd night in a row. 
Good food and in my opinion best beer in Newfoundland. 
Craft Beer is a new idea here n the island.
You've got Yellow Belly, Quidi Vidi, Storm and some Molson-y types like Black Horse. 
It's odd to be in a province and be unable to get a hoppy beer. 
They just don't have it. 

I like to point this out. Gina hit 3 street signed that day as well. 
It was great. 
Really great.

The Beast has taken it's toll on us. It's like it wants to hurt us. 
I've fallen prey as well has Trail. 
Like in my last blog I mentioned how Gina whacked her head and fell flat on her back. 
I've done the same but just knocked me on my ass. A crunch in my neck and I'm on the ground.
Trail has walked into the bumper. 
He fell in the steps and was stuck upside down like a turtle.  Only way to get him out was to open the door and let him roll to the street. 
Wy all time favourite is when Gina rolled over in bed and cracked her head on the cupboard edge. 
It was like that scene in Pet Sematery where Creed wakes up and.... let me show you.
That really was fantastic to watch. 
This boat is really toughening her up to say the least.
I'm already tough.

We checked out Signal Hill Canada's most eastern point. Trail was digging it he looked younger. 

I did had to carry him up and down all the steps. I don't have photos of it but Gina will post them somewhere Twiter/instagram/facebook. 
Maybe I can get her to edit this and throw her 2 cents in at some point. 
He was knocked out after.

All right We did play New Brunswick and Nova Scotia I'll recount those days later.
Gina has photos on here twitter and facebook if you can suss that out. 
I'm not doing it for you!


Alright, clearly I'm not meant to be a professional blog writer.
We basically did all of the East coast and I wrote nothing.
Currently we are in Newfoundland heading towards the western coast from Placentia way over on the east.
End blog.
Crowe out.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Beast 2 :Gynasaur 0

Day 1 complete.
Played the Old English Pub in Gananoque, ON. They feature an all craft tap line up a the bar and Darren, the owner, is pretty generous on beer with me.
It's a regular haunt for me throughout the year.
Had a good show, dancing, eating drinking what more do you want?
The tank tops have started to move. Which is great. There were only 30 printed....
This morning I' walked trail and stopped in Panache Bakery.
A great little place the last time I was in I bought an apple pie and ate more than half of it in the car like a sandwich.
I'm a health nut.
I reeled myself in and limited my self to only 2 turnovers.

We scooped our RV (Named The Beast) on Monday and out on Wednesday.
In that time Gina and I fought only twice... both over cleaning.
She is of the mind that when you move out of a place the whole house must be cleaned.
I am not.
I'm not saying leave it filthy. but empty it pick up the garbage and off you go.
She vacuumed everything even the unfinished cobwebby brick dusted basement.
washed out the fridge and oven wipe down the bathroom I even saw here vaccum at least one cupboard and the blinds.
This was mind bending to me especially since I knew they were renovating the bathroom and painting the walls when we left.
So after a bit of a row.
I'm cleaning the oven and fridge basically like this
I was Paul Rudd.

I think she got her Karmatic return yesterday one for the oven and one for the fridge.
While cleaning The Beast she some how wiped her face with a piece of glass. Sported a Nelly like bandaid on her face for a day.
Then while driving. There is a a really low ceiling above the front seats compared to the rest of the RV. So when you want to come sit in the drivers seat you duck down low and get in.

Gina, while I'm riving goes to the back, to get a jar of pickles, (she was craving chips, closest thing I guess) walked back to the seats, forgot to duck or didn't duck low enough and BANG falling straight back laying on the floor. I'm giggling trying to see if she's alright. Through here tears she yells "I'm Fine!", over the cassette player blaring recordings of me playing awful out of time bass riffs from my high school days.
That got shut off almost immediately.

*Side note our The Beast has a cassette player and I found high school recordings where I thought I was Les Claypool slapping and popping away at the bass. And another that is cover songs (where we don't know the words and odd interviews with my friend Jason.

Don't make The Crowe clean unnecessarily.

Baba's Lounge in Charlottetown is up next nMonday July 6th.
We'll be in Montreal for a comic convention on Friday.
I'm sure The Gynasaur will hurt herself again soon enough
and I'll tell you all about it.
There's a brewery in town, Gananoque Brewery or some such thing.
We'll stop in before we head out. Let you know if it's any good.

Peace out Homes!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Public Internet Diary

Gina says "That's what we do. We're quick starts."
After just leaving an RV dealership where we may get our new home/touring vehicle.
I'm starting to stress.
Like every summer I tour across Canada, come home to Barrie, ON and work the day job and write and perform music.
This time though the stars lined up, or that's what we're telling ourselves at least.
We're leaving Barrie, getting a mobile home and touring across, not only Canada, but The United States, as we promote the new album This Machine Floats.
We leave in 9 days.
Only problem(s) we don't have our RV, the album isn't finished, the merch hasn't been decided on, the tour is not fully booked, and we are getting low on money.
Today I'm a bag of worries.
Gina is not.
Because we're quick starts.
Very attractive quick starts.

So this is the adventure we chose. Ready or not, we're doing it.
If a motor home doesn't come through we've already decided to make the journey in our little Mazda3 hatchback towing a trailer.
Did I tell you our dog is coming?
Well he is.
15 year old Trail will be on the road with us.
We're not making this easy on ourselves are we?
He only eats sushi now.

Playing music alone is not going to pay all the bills and get this mysterious gas guzzling beast across this block of land.
I started a business a few years back called The Canadian Comic Bin. (Facebook! Twitter!)
I buy and sell old comic books. It has been doing quite well and has allowed me to stop teaching.
We will continue with the business and buy and sell on the road.

So, for the next year I'll be a comic dealing troubadour travelling around with his fiance.
Oh Right, we got engaged during Mardi Gras in New Orleans this last February. So we'll have to complete that circle eventually...

Gina and I will be hopefully going back and forth on this... well she hates the word blog, so lets call it public internet diary.
We plan to both write, make videos, post pics all that great stuff.
I hope to make fun of her whenever possible.
We are fans of breweries and good food.
So this public internet diary will be littered with information on where we are eating drinking playing and vacationing. I feel if you have 2-3 days off in between gigs and you are in a different city it counts as a vacation.
As well as regular musician triumphs and foibles.

Lets wrap this intro-ish post up.
I've given up eyeswide and now I'm straight up Neil Crowe.
Find all the tour dates at
We are always adding pop up gigs, house concerts or a brewery show.
If you have interest in hosting us or helping set up a show contact
I've gotten a great artist to create the work for the CD and Tour poster his name is Jon Merchant
Check out the Canada East Poster!

And that's that for now, let's see how the week progresses.
Wish us luck and follow the fun on TwitterInstagram and Facebook

Monday, February 17, 2014

New album in the works! Recording has begun! New songs written!

I'm working on the new album. 
I'm excited! 
I've got some new songs I can't wait to get recorded 
I've started on a couple that I tested out last summer a bit while touring the country. If you saw me you may have heard To Believe and Welcome Back.
I've written a few new songs, one of which was named by people on Facebook and twitter called City Lights,  has yet to be heard by any one other than 3 people including me. 
It's going to be awesome. The plan is to put this on vinyl as well which is DOUBLE AWESOME! (50% more awesome than regular awesome) 
But as you know all this costs cash money. 
So I'm hoping, if you are excited and eager to get some new eyeswide music in your ear holes. 
A fun and amazing way to help is to buy/download the past albums or get a killer eyeswide t-shirt. 
All that cash money will be going right into the next chunk of recordings/mixing/mastering pressing (on CD and vinyl)! 
And if you all ready own everything, send this link to a friend and say Download an album or I will unfriend you on Facebook for at least a week! They will thank you for it.

I've always funded my own albums the city of Barrie has given me a small $1000 grant for the last one. But they are no longer funding individual artists. The last one cost around $8000, and I had a lot of people helping me out and cutting me deals.
As much as I like to tell you all that touring and selling the albums returns all the funds on the recording and producing of the album, It's not.
All the money I make on the road goes to filling my gas tank, food and paying rent and bills back home. So creating these albums pretty much creates a big dent in my funds that's very hard fill back in.
I'm really hoping this album is done before the summer.
I will do my best to get it out to the public as soon as posible.
I'm more excited about this than I have been for the last two.
Happy Family Day fellow Ontarians!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I forgot how to get back to the Internets.

Hi, remember me? The classy guy who may have slept on your couch last summer.

I've been out of the the social media world for a little bit, during the East half of my Canada tour I just stopped blogging altogether.
Aside from the odd tweet I've been laying low.
But here is what I have been doing.
Since I got back home I've been working paying off bills and such.
The day job (teaching) and selling comics with my side business The Canadian Comic Bin
Recording and touring music is pretty expensive stuff so I've got to fill the pot before I empty it.

I've been sober for the month of October. "Sober October" I calls it. Not a whole lot happened that month.

In November I jumped gracefully back on the Booze Train!
Shaved the face and started the Movember 'stache. I'm quite glad I've only a few days left with this guy.
I've Checked out Chris Tucker in Toronto.
He was doing some stand up to help pay his IRS bills.
Afterwards we went to a rip joint and I got in a fight with my lady.
Who knew such a thing could happen in such a magical place?
Also checked out  a Fashion show here in Barrie and did not have a fight with my lady.
      I like them eye goggles Gyna!

I've been writing songs for the new album that has begun recording.
It will be a slow process.
I've been playing bass and some electric guitar for a change so the new songs will definitely sound different from what you may of heard on the road.

A friend of mine Chris Kaplinski is recording and mixing He's done sound for a ton of bands all of the world (Matisyahu, Gogol Bordello, Bedouin Soundclash, I Mother Earth, Dub Trio and much more) He's a busy fella currently on tour with Monster Truck.
So when he's done touring Europe We'll attack a little more of the album.
It's been a lot of fun so far. I can't wait to get the other musicians in to fill out the tunes.

I've also started playing bass again with another band. (It actually started before I went on tour) We're putting together a set we've got a handful of songs and I can't wait to start playing them! We just need a band name...

Last weekend I played my last show of the year in Gananoque and won't be playing until January 11th in Toronto. It was a weird and wonderful night I ended up jamming with a dude traveling Canda from Wyoming, The owner of the bar and another guy who used to be a guitar tech for a shit ton of bands back in the day Pat Benetar, Dire Straits, Bonnie Riatt and U2 during there Achtung Baby tour. Totally unexpected. I'd grab a pint and lay on the floor (it was carpeted) with Gina and listen to someone else entertain the crowd.

I really want to have a completely different set from what I've been playing this year.
Working on some new covers I wouldn't mind putting a bunch in to retirement.
Here's one I may or may not stick with a little Queens of the Stone Age.
Vampyre Time and Memory

Lastly it's almost Christmas and I'll be heading North to Thunder Bay, ON in less than a month. I've decided to not play any shows over the holidays. It's going to be all about food, drink and snow.

And speaking of Holidays
What a perfect time to plug the Classic Christmas song You're A Mean one Mr. Grinch
available for purchase HERE
This was recorded for PIE Media's Christmas issue in 2012

If you don't dig mine perhaps you'd rather listen to Rupaul's version
Remember the transvestite model from the 90's?

Alright that's it for me, most likely I will not have another blog posting until the new year but you never know...
Safe holidays everyone!