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Monday, February 17, 2014

New album in the works! Recording has begun! New songs written!

I'm working on the new album. 
I'm excited! 
I've got some new songs I can't wait to get recorded 
I've started on a couple that I tested out last summer a bit while touring the country. If you saw me you may have heard To Believe and Welcome Back.
I've written a few new songs, one of which was named by people on Facebook and twitter called City Lights,  has yet to be heard by any one other than 3 people including me. 
It's going to be awesome. The plan is to put this on vinyl as well which is DOUBLE AWESOME! (50% more awesome than regular awesome) 
But as you know all this costs cash money. 
So I'm hoping, if you are excited and eager to get some new eyeswide music in your ear holes. 
A fun and amazing way to help is to buy/download the past albums or get a killer eyeswide t-shirt. 
All that cash money will be going right into the next chunk of recordings/mixing/mastering pressing (on CD and vinyl)! 
And if you all ready own everything, send this link to a friend and say Download an album or I will unfriend you on Facebook for at least a week! They will thank you for it.

I've always funded my own albums the city of Barrie has given me a small $1000 grant for the last one. But they are no longer funding individual artists. The last one cost around $8000, and I had a lot of people helping me out and cutting me deals.
As much as I like to tell you all that touring and selling the albums returns all the funds on the recording and producing of the album, It's not.
All the money I make on the road goes to filling my gas tank, food and paying rent and bills back home. So creating these albums pretty much creates a big dent in my funds that's very hard fill back in.
I'm really hoping this album is done before the summer.
I will do my best to get it out to the public as soon as posible.
I'm more excited about this than I have been for the last two.
Happy Family Day fellow Ontarians!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I forgot how to get back to the Internets.

Hi, remember me? The classy guy who may have slept on your couch last summer.

I've been out of the the social media world for a little bit, during the East half of my Canada tour I just stopped blogging altogether.
Aside from the odd tweet I've been laying low.
But here is what I have been doing.
Since I got back home I've been working paying off bills and such.
The day job (teaching) and selling comics with my side business The Canadian Comic Bin
Recording and touring music is pretty expensive stuff so I've got to fill the pot before I empty it.

I've been sober for the month of October. "Sober October" I calls it. Not a whole lot happened that month.

In November I jumped gracefully back on the Booze Train!
Shaved the face and started the Movember 'stache. I'm quite glad I've only a few days left with this guy.
I've Checked out Chris Tucker in Toronto.
He was doing some stand up to help pay his IRS bills.
Afterwards we went to a rip joint and I got in a fight with my lady.
Who knew such a thing could happen in such a magical place?
Also checked out  a Fashion show here in Barrie and did not have a fight with my lady.
      I like them eye goggles Gyna!

I've been writing songs for the new album that has begun recording.
It will be a slow process.
I've been playing bass and some electric guitar for a change so the new songs will definitely sound different from what you may of heard on the road.

A friend of mine Chris Kaplinski is recording and mixing He's done sound for a ton of bands all of the world (Matisyahu, Gogol Bordello, Bedouin Soundclash, I Mother Earth, Dub Trio and much more) He's a busy fella currently on tour with Monster Truck.
So when he's done touring Europe We'll attack a little more of the album.
It's been a lot of fun so far. I can't wait to get the other musicians in to fill out the tunes.

I've also started playing bass again with another band. (It actually started before I went on tour) We're putting together a set we've got a handful of songs and I can't wait to start playing them! We just need a band name...

Last weekend I played my last show of the year in Gananoque and won't be playing until January 11th in Toronto. It was a weird and wonderful night I ended up jamming with a dude traveling Canda from Wyoming, The owner of the bar and another guy who used to be a guitar tech for a shit ton of bands back in the day Pat Benetar, Dire Straits, Bonnie Riatt and U2 during there Achtung Baby tour. Totally unexpected. I'd grab a pint and lay on the floor (it was carpeted) with Gina and listen to someone else entertain the crowd.

I really want to have a completely different set from what I've been playing this year.
Working on some new covers I wouldn't mind putting a bunch in to retirement.
Here's one I may or may not stick with a little Queens of the Stone Age.
Vampyre Time and Memory

Lastly it's almost Christmas and I'll be heading North to Thunder Bay, ON in less than a month. I've decided to not play any shows over the holidays. It's going to be all about food, drink and snow.

And speaking of Holidays
What a perfect time to plug the Classic Christmas song You're A Mean one Mr. Grinch
available for purchase HERE
This was recorded for PIE Media's Christmas issue in 2012

If you don't dig mine perhaps you'd rather listen to Rupaul's version
Remember the transvestite model from the 90's?

Alright that's it for me, most likely I will not have another blog posting until the new year but you never know...
Safe holidays everyone!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

East Vs West Tour Blog: Day Number COWS!

Before I played at The University of British Columbia's Dairy Farm Research Centre I had a day off and thought I'd splurge on a day at The Harrison Hot Springs resort. It cost $150 but the front desk woman upgraded me and gave me parking for free.
Not too shabby, It had an adults only hot spring pool and and after 10 until 1 it was also adult only in all the pools.
I thought, Awesome! I might have some, fun party it up a bit. Have some drinks.
Get my robe on...

And head to the pools.
All old people.
Mostly Asian old people.
I was a white pail giant swimming back in forth of a pool edged with cranky looking elders with the occasional pot bellied balding man.
Also the "Pool side bar" was in a building beside the pools and no alcohol was permitted in the pool.
Let's get out of hear and head to the local Pub. It's a tourist town. Gotta be something going on there.
Nope 5 dudes sitting at the bar playing Keno Poker.
I had a Beer and a whisky and back to the resort and after a quick look back at the pools again to find nothing. To bed I went.
In the morning I went for a jog. out on the lake they had a crazy inflatable jungle gym thing.
but it was closed.

One more dip in the pool with the elderly Asians and it was off to The Dairy Farm.

THe farm is filled with 19-25 year olds who are getting a degree or doing research on how to better the milking procedures of dairy cows or how to make them comfortable.
People are watching them eat, sleep, graze and running different kinds of tests.
Every Thursday the kids have a big dinner and stay up to party despite half of them having to get up at 6 to feed or chase the cows. Also despite the fact that they have the weekend off and could hold off their weekly dinners by a day and not have to get up.... Kids eh?

I was shown around and had to wear these killer blue plastic booties. So I don't spread my disgusting Ontario disease to the calfs.

Calfs have a tendency to get sick. What kind of sickness? Diarrhoea (hard word to spell) and pneumonia (another hard word to spell). So they keep them separate for a while.
THis guy was born 6 hours ago.

I heard lots pissing and shitting by the cows and found that they love these grooming brushes.

This one pushed another cow out of the way so he could buff his head.

After the tour we went to the pool.
Hay bales placed in a rectangle covered with a tarp. It was quite nice but needed to be continually refilled because of a hole in the tarp.

Slowly as work was ending more people showed up.
Everyone who was there was from other countries, Germany, Brazil, UK, France.
and soon after a slip and slide was created.
the Brazilians got hand soap and spread it out around the tarp when that ran out they got dish soal then laundry soap and even used powdered laundry detergent.

 butt shot
laundry detergent.

I played songs into the night which was very dark as there was no real light where I was playing and made an amazing meal to a flurry of mosquitos. Not the best situation for the performer (i.e me)
But a fun time was had. after the show we blared dance music from the speakers which drew the cops over. I went to bed in the front yard in my tent around 1 the same time they started up the slip and slide again.
They stayed up dancing until 3 or 4.
Sleeping was difficult, but I had a show to get to the next day.

Here's the Moose Jaw Karaoke I promised

Also here is my youngest nephew incorrectly saying Truck Boat.

Right now i'm in Regina for a house concert I'll be in Saskatoon tomorrow at Lydia's Pub. 
Manitoba's gig was cancelled. 
MANITOBA! Why must you forsake me to drive across you every year?

You should know the drill.
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-Neil "Crabapple Pucket" Crowe

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tour Days ...... Do I have Diabetes? Maybe, the answer lies below!

But I thought I did, for two days.
Couldn't stop peeing. Every hour and a half the urge would come on sudden and I'd have to go right away.
I immediately googled  "can't stop peeing" and The computer said: YOU HAVE DIABETES.
I was playing a house concert in Calgary and it came on mid song I started hopping left to right. The people probably thought he's really grooving to this song.
Nope, that was just the pee dance. After the last chord I put down the giutar and ran into the house.
Came back out picked up the guitar again and said sorry but I really had to pee and continued on with the show.
I even started a chart on my iPhone entitled Pee.
It had one entry.
Then my Diabetes got cured.
Yup, I cured it.
I assume.

Clearly I have given up on the daily blog. That lofty pledge should never have been made.
Right now I'm in Okotoks, AB just south of Calgary, I had planned to pitch my tent on the local camping grounds but it seems it is severe thunderstorm warning. I just sat in my car for 20 minutes waiting for the hail and rain to end before running into a local pub.
I don't remember what my last post was and refuse to check.

THe camping gods have been with me so far. as I've been able to sneak in to camp sights late at night and leave in the morning with out having to pay.
I did put in my dues in Red Deer when I had to set the tent up in pouring rain and found that there was a leak over my face.

Swift Currant was a fun gig just like last time everyone was drink and we went out afterwards to a local karaoke bar. I walked in to two boys "singing" To the Windooooows! To THe Walls! Til the Sweat drip down my balls!"
Gotta be the first time I heard Lil' John on the ol' karaoke box.

I've been in mostly anti party mode for this tour. I've turned down numerous shots and usually sneak away from the after show shenanigans. I'm trying to make these touring ventures a profitable venture and the less hangovers I have the better.
I still drink everyday though.

THe house concert in Calgary was fun. Kids are hilarious. they love music they don't care if you're playing a slow song they still stomp and dance like Lady Gaga was blaring on the stereo.
One weirdo sat right in front of me with a bowl of raspberries and used a stuffed bears paws to mash them into paste. when that was done he got up and left leaving the bowl and the bear.

I've just finish playing 5 shows in BC.  I really like driving around BC the mountains are fantastic and the shows were a lot of fun. I think White Rock was my Favourite even though I was competing with the Vancouver Folk Fest and Bruno Mars.
I spent to much time by the water as you can see from this photo of my leg. the top part is vanilla the bottom is hellfire.

OK I'm going to figure out what I'll be doing tonight. 
Next blog I will write about my gig at the University of British Columbia's Diary Farming Research Centre. It involves a Slip and slide. 
PLus I may have a video compilation of my 3 attempts at singing a sugar Ray song at a Karaoke bar.
Fun stuff!
- Neil Crackowe!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

East Vs West Day 5 6 7 -Brandon, Moose Jaw, Swift Current

So The Daily Blog is hard to do.
I've missed two days already.
After Kenora I drove out to Brandon, MB no gig just a stopping point on the way to Moose Jaw.
found a trailer park that had the most mosquitos.
Because it's just not camping if you can't get bit multiple times.
Setting up the tent was horrible and every time I opened the car door to get something ALL the mosquitos would go into my car. The morning drive was interesting. Since the 1st 2 hours was me battling the little bugs.
Stopped in Regina for some Busking and it was pretty good because I found a Farmers Market. but as soon as the market ended it cleared up and 3 young fellers sat beside me rolled 3 joints and started smoking. I guess this is allowed in Regina as there were families and police around.

Moose Jaw, you are classic Moose Jaw.  A low turn out at the cafe lead to an early evening. I went back to my friends who I was crashing with and we drank home brew beer then got the clever idea of going to Champs a local bar/club.

It was Karaoke night and had a bout 10 people in the place.
More beer and we were singing songs we didn't know. everyone was horrible that night.

singing partner

THis lead to a drive through burger king via a racist cabbie. Smoking in the car telling us jokes that involved the N bomb. Classy place this Moose Jaw.
Right now I'm in Swift Current, waiting for the evening I've got a few hours to kill I'm extremely hot and tired I need a nap this booth looks comfy....
-Neil "Crackajack Collins" Crowe

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

East Vs West Day something....Day off, Blog meh

I had a great day off breakfast, a work out at Crossfit, boat out on the lake, Seadoo, I got to cook dinner and playing dominoes.
I'll be leaving Kenora tomorrow and heading to Saskatchewan.
I'm not sure what city I will be in tomorrow but Wednesday I'll be in Moose Jaw for another gig.
Here are 2 photos.

Lake of the Woods is grand, And I'm ready for sleep, sadly leaving tomorrow but I'll stop in when I return from BC.
-Neil Farson Crowe (anyone know what I'm referencing to with Farson?)
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

East Vs West Day 5 a few days off in Kenora now that I'm 33.

I have played 2 shows and now i'm taking a few days off. not by choice.
But had  I made the decision of the western part of this tour earlier I would have locked in more gigs.
But a few days off are alright since this is a momentous occasion. I turn 33 today. I'm sure drinks and glutenous behaviour are in order... and a recovery period may be needed.
Last Night!

I forgot to mention this about Wabigoon...
Pappy's Cafe takes a loss on every show they put on. Yet they still put them on to help out touring musicians. and the feel it's good for the community. It's extremely rare to come across on a venue like that.
There's a chance I may have to rethink this Blog a day I have trouble thinking of funny things to write about everyday. Maybe you readers can suggest some things you would like me to write about on the road. Yes I think you should do that.
Let your suggestions begin!

I just looked on facebook and saw this dustin Hoffman clip and found it quite touching.
Definitely worth a 3 minute watch.

I'm out,  every one have a whisky, a beer, and a hug for me.
-Croizar the Spectacular, or just Neil

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