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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From the road in Calgary! I'm eating a burger.

 See? There is the famed burger mentioned in the title.

So this tour I'm on, so far, is 46 or 47 dates (I've forgotten which and refuse to count). I'm trying to get it up to 50.
Here's the list.
Jul 12, 2012   Outlet             Thunder Bay, ON
Jul 12, 2012   Ruby Moon          Thunder Bay, ON
Jul 13, 2012   Pappy's Cafe       Wabigoon, ON
Jul 14, 2012   Shooters           Kenora, ON
Jul 16, 2012   Shannon's          Winnipeg, MB
Jul 18, 2012   Spadina Freehouse  Saskatoon, SK
Jul 19, 2012   23 Main Street     Moose Jaw, SK
Jul 20, 2012   Akropol            Swift Current, SK
Jul 21, 2012   The Area           Calgary, AB
Jul 26, 2012   Haven Cafe         Sherwood Park, AB
Jul 27, 2012   Velvet Olive       Red Deer, AB
Jul 28, 2012   Rum Runner         Coleman, AB
Jul 31, 2012   The Storm Cellar   Banff, AB
Aug 01, 2012   The Storm Cellar   Banff, AB
Aug 02, 2012   Tonics             Kelowna, BC
Aug 03, 2012   The Last Drop      Revelstoke, BC
Aug 04, 2012   Hell's Kitchen     Vancouver, BC
Aug 05, 2012   Elephant Island    Penticton, BC
Aug 05, 2012   Voodoos            Penticton, BC
Aug 08, 2012   Bushwakker Brewery Regina, SK
Aug 09, 2012   Centre for the Art Qu'Appelle, SK
Aug 10, 2012   Ellice Cafe        Winnipeg, MB
Aug 11, 2012   Lakeshore Hotel    Kenora, ON
Aug 16, 2012   Bossy's Pub        Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Aug 17, 2012   The Local          Barrie, ON
Aug 24, 2012   Callahan's         Brighton, ON
Aug 25, 2012   The Old Nick       Toronto, ON
Aug 28, 2012   The Spill          Peterborough, ON
Aug 29, 2012   DG & Newf's House  Bowmanville, ON
Aug 30, 2012   The Stinking Rose  Campbellford, ON
Aug 31, 2012   La Maison Tavern   Cornwall, ON
Sep 01, 2012   Avant Guarde       Ottawa, ON
Sep 07, 2012   The Loyalist Inn   Shelburne, NS
Sep 08, 2012   Rudders            Yarmouth, NS
Sep 09, 2012   House Concert      Yarmouth, NS
Sep 11, 2012   House Concert      Lunenburg, NS
Sep 12, 2012   Plan B             Moncton, NB
Sep 13, 2012   The Split Crow     Truro, NS
Sep 14, 2012   The Cellar         Fredericton, NB
Sep 15, 2012   Log Cabin Diner    Woodstock, NB
Sep 19, 2012   The Rainbow        Ottawa, ON
Sep 20, 2012   Clark Hall Pub     Kingston, ON
Sep 21, 2012   Burritoville       Montreal, QC
Sep 22, 2012   Studio 310         Belleville, ON
Sep 23, 2012   CJ's Cafe          Bronte, ON
Sep 24, 2012   The Old Nick       Toronto, ON
Sep 28, 2012   The Griffon        Bracebridge, ON

Before I left I modelled for a magazine (Pie) I played the uncle.

Can't say I agreed on all the clothing I wore.

And I celebrated a birthday at The Local Gastropub, where the dinner theme was Bacon. 
This is what Scott brought out first. I almost ate it. 
"Uh, this looks burnt." As I reached for a piece. 
It had been in his oven for a week. 

Caesar Salad Soup

2 pieces of steak, bacon mashed potatoes with bacon, and bacon gravy

Chocolate ice cream float...with bacon.

Here are some dudes that came out.

Saw the Tragically Hip on Canada Day. Lost everyone and enjoyed the show on my own. 

Someone received a MacBook
and that is how I can type right now!

Here are some tour notes.
Photos of me are lacking as I am on my own. 

Thunder Bay, ON
2 shows this night. The Outlet where my mother, who came with my aunt and grandmother, asked in one of those loud whispers that is not a whisper at all, "Where is everyone?" She also had an half confused half angry look on her face. 
It was a quiet show had about 13 people out to watch. Nothing crazy but I didn't really expect a big turn out as it was a weekday. 
Afterwards I went to The Ruby Moon and had a jam with Aubry and Jenn here's a clip

This is the tail end of Standing at The Podium. Click the link it's posted on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of T to tha Jack
In the Morning I did a radio interview at LU radio with Kayla.

Next was Wabigoon. 

Immediately after my second set everyone went straight for the door. No lingering for them. 
It was odd. But they did seem to enjoy the show, clapping, toe tapping, and all that jazz.

They cooked my a dinner for 3 for 1. It became lunch and dinner the next day.

Kenora was great. I did end up blowing my voice for the next show but we had a fairly busy Shooters Bar! 

Day off jam after a day on the lake was cancelled by rain. 
We still made an effort hoping it would stop. Leaning in to the boat's windshield clutching our cans of pre mixed Mott's Caesars. We turned around defeated. 

Winnipeg: you were slow on a Monday. Not too many out at Shannon's Irish Pub that night. 
Which I'm almost glad for since my voice was shit from 3 sets in Kenora. 
One jovial (and in jovial I mean drunk) fellow asked for requests and bought me a shot. He was having a good time. 
 After the show I asked him "What are you doing here on a Monday?"
He looks at me with a scowl "What are YOU doing here?"
"Huh, Ya!" shoves him self away from the bar and storms out, leaving his beer. 
What a great guy. I feel we really connected.

I drive barefoot most times.
While on the Manitoba Highway I had to pee. 
Pulled over, got out of the car, grabbed my sandals walked around the car sandals in hand, placed them on the ground, pee'd, picked up sandals walked back around and placed them in the car. 
Not until I sat down. I thought to myself. Why didn't I put the sandals on?
And to this day the mystery remains unsolved. 

And I will leave it at that as I am tired of typing I'm going to have another drink. After I finish this (it's Steam Whistle) and do a little Calgary wander. More later.


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