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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Former and Current CD Covers

It is Sunday June 24.
I've just finished recording.
I had to sing 2 songs today, Day Waster and My Songs. I also had to make an executive decision and scrap Celebrity Status for the time being. It wasn't working out right and  not enough time to make it right. I will be performing it across the Canadian landscape, and will record it in the future.

Right now Jeff is doing some tweeks to the vocals before the final mixing commences.
I've gotta say it's pretty weird listening to vocals with out the music to back it up.
Safe to say I will never put out an acapella album.

I've got a few of the Studio's lined up across Canada where I will be recording some songs that did not get to be on the album. Since it got shortened to an EP. the songs recorded on the road will be released a day or 2 after the session on Bandcamp and itunes...if all goes according to plan.
So far I will record at Unity Studios in Barrie, ON, James Murdoch's Studio in Edmonton, AB and Pumpk'n Patch Studios in Memramcook, NB. Trying to work out time in BC to get another one done, but it really depends on the gigs. my time in BC is very tight.

I've went through some changes for the CD
here's the 1st one I planned on using. I still really like the image. I took the photo in Montreal.
I will probably make use of it for stickers or a t-shirt.

This is the second version I was messing about with water colour backgrounds. I'll be using a version of this for the tour poster but in shades of brown. I may still include this image inside the CD, It's up in the air.

Here is the final draft still staying with the water colour theme. The album was almost called Water Colour, only because I had no idea what to call it. 

Because the album is taking more time than expected I won't be having a CD release party before the tour. Basically I'll be getting the discs have a couple days to mail them off to some radio stations and then tour time. Maybe I'll be able to do a late party when I'm done touring but it won't be until October... Kind of weird doing a CD Release 3 months after the album is out.  maybe I'll throw a CD Celebration. who knows. I've got months on the road to plot that out.

I also just lied about recording we are adding in some background na na na's! Right meow.
Here's Matt Snell

And Jeff Pelletier takes a crack at it.

Here's what Day Waster Looks like.
What do you think?
Will it sound good?
Tour dates continue to grow, Posters will be mailed out to the venues on Monday. with as current a tour schedule as possible.

Jul 12, 2012   Outlet             Thunder Bay, ON
Jul 13, 2012   Pappy's Cafe       Wabigoon, ON
Jul 14, 2012   Shooters           Kenora, ON
Jul 16, 2012   Shannon's          Winnipeg, MB
Jul 18, 2012   Spadina Freehouse  Saskatoon, SK
Jul 19, 2012   Akropol            Swift Current, SK
Jul 20, 2012   23 Main St. Cafe   Moose Jaw, SK
Jul 21, 2012   The Area           Calgary, AB
Jul 26, 2012   Haven Cafe         Sherwood Park, AB
Jul 27, 2012   Velvet Olive       Red Deer, AB
Jul 28, 2012   Rum Runner         Coleman, AB
Aug 01, 2012   The Storm Cellar   Banff, AB
Aug 02, 2012   Tonics             Kelowna, BC
Aug 03, 2012   The Last Drop      Revelstoke, BC
Aug 04, 2012   TBA                Vancouver, BC
Aug 08, 2012   Bushwakker Brewery Regina, SK
Aug 09, 2012   Centre for the Art Qu'Appelle, SK
Aug 10, 2012   Ellice Cafe        Winnipeg, MB
Aug 17, 2012   The Local          Barrie, ON
Aug 25, 2012   The Old Nick       Toronto, ON
Aug 28, 2012   The Spill          Peterborough, ON
Aug 29, 2012   Mad Cafe           Oshawa, ON
Aug 30, 2012   The Stinking Rose  Campbellford, ON
Aug 31, 2012   La Maison Tavern   Cornwall, ON
Sep 01, 2012   Avant Guarde       Ottawa, ON
Sep 07, 2012   The Loyalist Inn   Shelburne, NS
Sep 08, 2012   Rudders            Yarmouth, NS
Sep 09, 2012   House Concert      Yarmouth, NS
Sep 11, 2012   House Concert      Lunenburg, NS
Sep 12, 2012   Plan B             Moncton, NB
Sep 13, 2012   The Split Crow     Truro, NS
Sep 14, 2012   The Cellar         Fredericton, NB
Sep 19, 2012   The Rainbow        Ottawa, ON
Sep 21, 2012   Burritoville       Montreal, QC
Sep 23, 2012   CJ's Cafe          Bronte, ON
Sep 24, 2012   The Old Nick       Toronto, ON

The event page for the tour. Join it and find out the up to date additions or cancelations (of which I hope their are none.) EVENT

A friend of mine is recording 15 songs in 15 days and posting them all on Bandcamp he is 1/3 of
The Morals  check the songs out over the next couple of days 2 are posted so far. GO HERE

Alright, Crowe out!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Album update! Plus a girl wears shorts WAY too small.

It's been a while.
Yes it has.
But let's look at this photo.
We all do dumb things in Vegas.
This girl thought these shorts were a good idea.
She must have shitty friends since they said nothing.
Now she has total strangers taking photos of her and posting them on their blogs.
Such horribly shitty friends.

Now look at this photo.
I hate the paper boy.

I'm still working on the new album. One more day in the studio will finish it up. Then Mixing and Mastering.
I've played some local gatherings Ecofest, A Food Bank gathering, a park festival I can't remember the name of, and I went to Vegas and learned how to losing. I did win at first, but ultimately lost in the end.
You've got to fill the time somehow when Europe gets cancelled.

There has been a slight change in my album.
It will be in 2 parts. One in CD form the other download only.

The original plan was to have 5-6 songs full band then 3 or 4 just acoustic. 
I do travel solo quite a lot and it would be nice to have some straight acoustic tunes to help relate the album to the solo shows.
but it seems the other studios I planned to record the acoustic songs at here in Barrie are unable to fit me in.
I was disappointed at first. 
But here's the idea
I'm going to make it an EP of full band songs. 
But while on the road I will record 3-4 acoustic songs in studios across Canada. At least one in the East, one in the West and one in Central. 
They will most likely, be download only. So while I am touring across our great nation promoting the new album. I'll have new songs to record along the way. 
I'm going to try and wrangle a few guest musicians for those tracks. 
It should be fun.  New studios, new engineers(maybe new players).
I'm excited about this idea. 
And I hope you are too.

Summer Tour: I'm at 30 plus dates for the summer and I can't wait to hit the road. I'll be hitting some of the same cities and towns plus a handful of new ones. But I've got more dates with less travel time. I'm pumped. I really love hitting the road and seeing new places meeting new people. 
I'm still filling in some odd dates. So far here is the hit list
(I was just doing some editing and I realized the tour dates come out wonky. I really don't want to write them out again so they will stay wonky. Just go to my web site to see them unwonked.

Jul 12, 2012   Outlet              Thunder Bay, ONJul 13, 2012   Pappy's Cafe       Wabigoon, ONJul 14, 2012   Shooters           Kenora, ONJul 16, 2012   Shannon's          Winnipeg, MBJul 18, 2012   Spadina Freehouse  Saskatoon, SKJul 19, 2012   Akropol            Swift Current, SKJul 21, 2012   The Area           Calgary, ABJul 26, 2012   Haven Cafe         Sherwood Park, ABJul 27, 2012   Velvet Olive       Red Deer, ABJul 28, 2012   Rum Runner         Coleman, ABAug 01, 2012   The Storm Cellar   Banff, ABAug 02, 2012   Tonics              Kelowna, BCAug 03, 2012   The Last Drop      Revelstoke, BCAug 08, 2012   Bushwakker Brewery Regina, SKAug 09, 2012   5th Ave Cup&Saucer Yorkton, SKAug 10, 2012   Ellice Cafe        Winnipeg, MBAug 25, 2012   The Old Nick       Toronto, ONAug 28, 2012   The Spill               Peterborough, ONAug 29, 2012   Mad Cafe                Oshawa, ONAug 30, 2012   The Stinking Rose  Campbellford, ONAug 31, 2012   La Maison Tavern   Cornwall, ONSep 01, 2012   Avant Guarde       Ottawa, ONSep 07, 2012   The Loyalist Inn   Shelburne, NSSep 08, 2012   Rudders              Yarmouth, NSSep 09, 2012   House Concert      Yarmouth, NSSep 11, 2012   House Concert      Lunenburg, NSSep 12, 2012   Plan B                  Moncton, NBSep 13, 2012   The Split Crow     Truro, NSSep 14, 2012   The Cellar            Fredericton, NBSep 19, 2012   The Rainbow        Ottawa, ONSep 21, 2012   Burritoville       Montreal, QCSep 23, 2012   CJ's Cafe          Oakville, ON

Sept 24, 2012  Old Nick          Toronto, ON
check for continued updates
As you can see nothing in my home town yet....(update as of today I now have a gig in Barrie)

Alright I've got to continue working on the album art so in the mean time here are some photos

Here are some photos from the last time in the studio with Julien Michaud and Jeff Pelletier

I'm never in the shots because I'm always taking them.

Julien Joined me for a gig at The Brownstone in Orillia
shortly after recording


Playing in The Park

That is all